Who We Are

Based in Canada, Dialed in is a development shop with a mission to build outstanding web sites and adopt best practices in our work.

We use open source technology above all else to save clients time and money. Our agile development style will get your project moving quickly and smoothly.

James Dixon

Drupal Consultant | Chief Technology Officer

James Dixon

An active Drupal contributor, James has been building web sites with Drupal since 2005. With a strong background in web development, he leads projects from the front line.

His passion for open source software drives him to find existing solutions before reinventing the wheel, lowering development costs. He’s active within the open source web development community, which keeps him up to date with the latest web trends and tools. James has worked with a number of web technologies, but focuses on developing web sites in Wordpress and Drupal.

James received a bachelor of science with an emphasis in software engineering from the University of Victoria in 2006. Afterwards he worked with Etraffic Solutions developing e-learning tools on the web, and developed collaborative research tools at the University of Victoria. In 2010 he founded Dialed In Design.

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